Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Should I hire a professional party planner for my child's birthday?

In today's times as parents we are always running errands, working, shopping, managing the home and shuttling the kids to and from school. While somehow trying to find time for ourselves. This leaves little or no time for you to plan for your child's upcoming birthday party. Every parent wants this day to be extremely special and unforgettable! Professional party planners specialize in making this happen.

As a party planning service we strive to take some of the weight off of your shoulders (atleast for one day). Our goal is to take care of everything for your child's big day so that it can be stress free for you. You will be able to sit back, relax and actually enjoy your child's birthday party!

There are alot of wonderful advantages to using an professional party planner. The planner will handle the purchasing of the decorations, decorating the desired location, mailing out the invitations, providing the cake, giving out the prizes, designating the games and entertaining the guest. We offer all- inclusive packages which means that everything is taken care of from the very beginning to the end. This allows you the parent to be able to mingle with other parents, take pictures, and actually participate instead of the party becoming some distant memory in your mind.

Your child is made the "STAR" of the day! Because "It's All About them". As an event party planner our goal is to help create a exciting, magical & memorable experience for each child that will last a lifetime!

Friday, August 14, 2009

How Can I Help My Child Do Better In School (Atlanta)

5 Easy ways to "help my child do better in school". For parents here in Atlanta, school is back in session and we are now in full-time mommy mode. Say goodbye to sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, spending your day at the local amusement park or sipping lemonade while trying to stay cool..Summer has come to an end.

Of course the kids are excited the first couple of weeks. Shopping for new clothes, making new friends, seeing their old friends and even meeting their new teachers can be very exciting. However, after a few weeks (for some kids) all of the fluff wears off. We have to put on our boxing gloves to drag our kids out of bed in the morning, bribe our little ones to drink their milk, go on a scavenger hunt through their book bag just to find the homework and so on. We can keep the excitement going throughout the entire year by doing a few simple tricks.

First of all kids love to talk about their day...
1. Make sure you set a designated time aside each day giving them your undivided attention. Turn cell phone on vibrate :)
2.Make a game out of the day such as: they tell you their highs and lows of the day. Celebrate the highs and comfort them in their lows. This will cause your child to want to open up and discuss their feelings in a not so traditional way.
3.One of the key ingredients to a stress free day is organization. Daily help your child organize their homework folders by checking their work and signing any forms that need to be returned back to school. This alleviates the stress of unfinished homework and rushing to sign papers as they jump out of the car the next morning (gives you time to read over what your signing hahaha)
4.Eat dinner together as a family. Test have shown that children that eat at the dinner table in a family atmosphere tend to test better, are less likely to get into trouble and three and half times less likely to abuse prescription drugs and illegal drugs other than marijuana. Eating dinner as a family is also a great way for parents to be involved, monitor activities and friends and be a good role model.
5.Keep an open line of communication with their teacher. For parents who may work long hectic shifts or have very demanding jobs technology has lent us a hand . We can now email the teacher directly or call them. From my own personal experience concerning my children, I leave a message regarding convenient times for my schedule and they work with me. When teachers know that you are involved in the education of your child they tend to develop a better relationship with your child. They will also keep you abreast of any sudden changes in your child's behavior or pattern. When the students knows that the parent and the teacher have a positive relationship he/she is more likely to "do the right thing"!

Every parent wants the best for their child. Sometimes its the little things that go a long way in life.

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